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About Me

My name is Tiago Silva and I work at Hive Solutions, mainly as a developer, but in this case, also as some kind of wannabe journalist.

Little after I could read and write, I was tampering with the memory addresses on my Commodore Amiga to get infinite energy and cheat my way through computer games, when I should have been outside playing football like normal kids.

Throughout life I have been obsessed with random and sometimes purposeless skills and subjects like martial arts, juggling, foreign languages, neural networks, psychology, neuro linguistic programming, speed reading, monty python, stand-up comedy, latin dances, philosophy or just trying to memorize a deck of playing cards in under three minutes for no reason whatsoever.

I have left my work at Microsoft in Denmark to co-found Hive, and while in the office, when not found programming with my headphones blasting loud music, I can be found juggling in the corridors, refining my backup strategy for getting money to return home in case I am mugged in my next random backpacking trip.